Ufton Green - Second Yard Day Shoot

After several of the girls weren't able to attend the last few yard day's that had been organised at Ufton Green - they decided to organise a second one for the summer. Up first was Sarah with her lovely gelding, Domino! Oscar is owned by Kate, Sarah's sister. Kate and I were in the same year at school - she talked about Oscar quite alot so it was lovely to meet him. They were very sweet together and I just love this image! Of course the black background images were the highlight for everyone. Katie organised for images to be taken for her friend who was recovering after a severe riding accident - these images were for her 30th birthday. The big grey mare is called Rose - doesn't she look st

Ufton Green - Yard Day Shoot

The lovely gang at Ufton Green are always so welcoming! I was delighted to be welcomed back several times over the summer months for 2 full days shooting the lovely liveries. There was a vast variety in horses - from big hunters to therapy ponies and everything in between. Here are a few favourites from my first shoot of the year at Ufton: The absolutely adorable Tutu was only a few days old when I met her. Her lovely Mum, Gerty, was rescued by Claire after being found in a sorry state, pregnant and with a foal at foot. With much love and care, all three of them have the best possible chance with Claire and her family. Here is the lovely Mummy, and below is Claire with her three other four l

Guinness and Barney

Meet Guinnes and Barney - two very handsome labs! Guinness belongs to Molly and her family, whilst Barney belongs to her Grandparents. It was early December and the shoot had been organised so that Molly could give the prints as presents for Christmas. We met at Rushall Farm near Bradfield for the shoot - there was a great variety of locations for us to use. We got a mixture of both portrait and action shots of the boys, some together and some individually. Molly was armed with treats and their favourite toys, but both were very well behaved! Molly and I met at secondary school, both sharing a love of horses. We hadn't seen eachother since leaving school so it was nice to catch up! I think t

Emma and Molly

Meet Emma and her lovely bay mare, Molly. I met Emma and Molly on a slightly miserable, wet summers afternoon - after sitting out a short shower, we were ready to begin! The yard in Oxfordshire had lots going on! Upon arrival, I was slightly confused about where I should be going! I entered the farm to be told this was a festival site and was directed around a long twisty track. I managed to spot an arena in the distance and after a quick phone call to Emma, I met her and her partner on the yard. Emma and Molly enjoy eventing together - Molly absolutely loves jumping! We began the shoot over by a fishing lake. There were so many places to explore on the farm - it stretched as far as you coul

Carol - Betty and Daisy

Meet Carol and her two ponies, Betty and Daisy! Carol contacted me a few months ago to arrange for me to head over to their beautiful rented yard on the grounds of a stunning Cotswold Manor House! I was looking forward to it - and the location definately did not disapoint! Carol has owned native ponies for many years but her two current ponies are New Forest ponies - in fact, they're mother and Daughter! My lovely friend Angeline was roped in to joining me for the day; armed with plenty of sweets for the journey we headed over to meet everyone! Bob met us on the drive way and directed us up towards the yard. I wish I'd taken some photographs of the grounds for you all to see, they were so pi

Jackie & Harmony

Meet Jackie and her lovely youngster, Harmony. I met up with Jackie and her Mum at the livery yard they keep Harmony at. Jackie had not owned Harmony long at this point, just a few weeks but already they were getting to know eachother - she loved how gentle Harmony was on the ground. Harmony has a very kind eye and a very young, honest face. They'd been getting to know eachother and look forward to lots of jumping in the future! It was a late Autumn shoot with some lovely dappled lighting appearing through the trees, the shoot began with some shots of Jackie and Harmony walking down the lane between the fields. Jackie's mum had come along to lend a hand too shaking buckets. As we made our wa

Wally, Catcher and Trumpet

Meet Louise's handsome boys: Wally, Catcher and Trumpet! I first met Louise last year when she moved her 3 boys to the yard that I currently keep Dolly at. The boys are very playful and the yard is some what quieter without them as a few months ago they moved a little further up the road. Wally and Catcher are a right double act - they're always up to something. Be it Wally dunking his head in his water bucket and then shooting up, launching water everywhere; Catcher pulling Wally around the field by his rug or both of them together pulling their headcollars off - which is what they did just before the shoot! Honestly, these guys have provided us with hours of entertainment: climbing on each

Caitlin - King and Odin

Meet King and Odin owned by Caitlin, her partner Dave also joined us for the shoot - what a lovely family they are! Caitlin posted on a local horsey group looking for a photographer to capture some memories of the boys - I was recommended by several past clients which I am very greatful for! Caitlin messaged me and told me about the story behind her post and the slight urgency: King was scheduled to go in for surgery in the coming weeks and she wanted to have lots of photographs to treasure just in case the worst was to happen. The following Wednesday was a very cold day but we all wrapped up warm ahead of the shoot! Caitlin and Dave were ready and waiting with both of the boys. I was introd

Lewis, Popsey and Tilly!

Meet Lewis, Pops and Tilly - Claire's lovely trio! You've met Popsey and Tilly before, but this image from 2015 of Claire and Tilly has to be one of my favourite black background images ever: Claire has recently purchased the very handsome Lewis, and if you hadn't of already guessed he's a Friesian; a breed of horse that I've always admired so I was very excited when Claire invited me to photograph him! People often ask me will a black background image of their horse work if their horse is very dark? Well, I'll let the images answer that question... The answer is YES - in fact I think the images look even more striking, the darker the horse is! Lewis has a very shiny coat and with some cleve

Abi - Rosie and Bertie

Meet Rosie and Bertie, owned by Abi. Jane, Abi's mum had organised for the shoot to take place in early January as a Christmas gift for Abi - they scheduled the shoot to co-incide with Bertie returning to his owner, however Abi told me the good news on the morning of the shoot that they had offered to buy Bertie and he was now hers! We began the shoot with Abi in a lovely dress and tights - it was quite a chilly morning but Abi was feeling brave! To begin with we got a few shots of Rosie and Bertie being led down the driveway by Abi. They have owned Rosie for 4 years now, but she is now retired due to arthritis - it was her turn in front of the camera to start with whilst Bertie enjoyed some

Allwood Family Shoot

Meet the Allwood family - with 4 generations present, this was the largest group that I'd photographed to date! Rosie had given her Dad a voucher for a family shoot for Christmas - they decided that they'd like the shoot to take place at Sulham Woods - a place they visit regularly and where they walk their dogs. I don't do many family shoots but I always like to make the odd exception to the rule when asked! It's very strange not having to pose a horse but family shoots bring their own fun challenges to overcome.

Basil, Holly, Roo and Ralph - Canine Shoot

Meet Alice's lovely bunch of dogs! It was a cold, slightly frosty January morning and I headed up to Basildon to meet with Alice. She introduced me to all of the dogs before we headed off in to one of the paddocks of their lovely family owned yard. Armed with lots of treats, we photographed each of the dogs individually. Ralph was Alice's 21st birthday present - how sweet is he! But don't be fulled, the smallest ones are always filled with the biggest attitude, he was definately the hardest to photograph! Alice organised the shoot, for the images to be given as a birthday suprise to her Mum! We photographed the dogs in pairs, individually and the three Jack Russell's together.. we even manag

January round up!

Wow - the first month of 2017 has flashed by already! It's crazy how fast time is flying by. It's been a very busy month for me after the Christmas break. I have been busy taking bookings for the Spring and summer, as far ahead as August! The month began with a trip over to Rose Hugh Smith to photograph her and the lovely DJ, it's amazing to see the progress in just a few weeks. Then a canine shoot followed with Alice White and her 4 handsome poochies! Haygain Hay Steamers kept me busy this month with several shoots, photographing both their flexinebs and the new forager which was launched at BETA International! My first portrait session of the year was with Abi and her two lovely ponies: Ro

Adrienne and Sophie's Shoot

Meet Adrienne and her daughter Sophie, along with their 4 horses! Sophie had organised the shoot as a gift for Adrienne. They have their own lovely little yard just outside Bucklebury, where we were joined by their 2 dogs, Archie and Oscar for a lovely morning! The ladies had got all 4 horses beautiful and clean - when I arrived they were all eagerly looking over their doors as the last horse had it's mane brushed and hoof oil applied. We began with black background shoots of each horse: Charlie, Ross, Rocky and Ben. The horses all took it in turns to have some head shots taken in the door way before Sophie and Adrienne were also then included in some shots. The horses all enjoy a bit of eve

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