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Ufton Green - Second Yard Day Shoot

After several of the girls weren't able to attend the last few yard day's that had been organised at Ufton Green - they decided to organise a second one for the summer. Up first was Sarah with her lovely gelding, Domino!

Oscar is owned by Kate, Sarah's sister. Kate and I were in the same year at school - she talked about Oscar quite alot so it was lovely to meet him. They were very sweet together and I just love this image!

Of course the black background images were the highlight for everyone. Katie organised for images to be taken for her friend who was recovering after a severe riding accident - these images were for her 30th birthday. The big grey mare is called Rose - doesn't she look striking!

We had two horses called Rose that day, plus me - which got a bit confusing! This is Lucy's gorgeous mare Rose. It was Lucy who had organised the day so I must say a big thank you to her for all her hard work ensuring the day ran smoothly.

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