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Adrienne and Sophie's Shoot

Meet Adrienne and her daughter Sophie, along with their 4 horses! Sophie had organised the shoot as a gift for Adrienne. They have their own lovely little yard just outside Bucklebury, where we were joined by their 2 dogs, Archie and Oscar for a lovely morning!

The ladies had got all 4 horses beautiful and clean - when I arrived they were all eagerly looking over their doors as the last horse had it's mane brushed and hoof oil applied. We began with black background shoots of each horse: Charlie, Ross, Rocky and Ben. The horses all took it in turns to have some head shots taken in the door way before Sophie and Adrienne were also then included in some shots.

The horses all enjoy a bit of everything, namely eventing and taking part with events and clinics run by Chiltern Riding Club. Which, is where I first met Sophie and she picked up one of my flyers - the shoot made for the perfect 50th birthday gift for Adrienne!

Sophie and Adrienne then led the horses up to the fields for some group shots. After many attempts, we got all the horses looking the right way at the same time, with their ears forwards, that's definately an acheievment!

We then left the two ponies, Rocky and Ben in their stables, who Sophie rode when she was younger. Adrienne and Sophie hopped on board and I followed them on foot up the road to a picturesque spot, looking across the hills. It was definately futher than I had expected, after deciding that I'd like a walk, rather than driving up behind them.

Adrienne and Sophie are so lucky to have the most amazing hacking right on their doorstep, and what a lovely hobby to be able to share. Seeing the world between your horses ears has to be one of the most special privileges in life! The girls rode ahead of me and I snapped away as they laughed and chatted, on board Ross and Charlie.

At the top of the hill we could see for miles and miles, in the distance we could see some dark clouds rolling in; the odd rumble of thunder too. Much to our relief, we arrived back at the stables with a few minutes to spare before the rain set in.

Thank you ladies for having me - it was a pleasure to spend the morning with you all, and of course, the horses!

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