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Emma and Molly

Meet Emma and her lovely bay mare, Molly. I met Emma and Molly on a slightly miserable, wet summers afternoon - after sitting out a short shower, we were ready to begin!

The yard in Oxfordshire had lots going on! Upon arrival, I was slightly confused about where I should be going! I entered the farm to be told this was a festival site and was directed around a long twisty track. I managed to spot an arena in the distance and after a quick phone call to Emma, I met her and her partner on the yard.

Emma and Molly enjoy eventing together - Molly absolutely loves jumping! We began the shoot over by a fishing lake. There were so many places to explore on the farm - it stretched as far as you could see. There was everything here - extreme sports, a lake, archery, paint-balling; but the horses were so used to it all! Molly was a superstar and was absolutely focused on the treat bucket!

We even managed to get Lee in some of the shots, creating a lovely family portrait! I think Molly loved all of the attention, she is definitely very photogenic! It was a very enjoyable afternoon chatting away to Emma, it never seems like work at all when my customers are this lovely!

There was a lovely long drive way leading down to the festival site - after holding the traffic up momentarily, we managed to quickly jump in to take some shots looking down the track! By now the weather was starting to look a bit more threatening, so after checking that we'd got everything Emma was hoping for, we headed back up to the yard.

The indoor school provided a great location for the black background shots. I much prefer working with open barns and indoor spaces for the black background shoots rather than being limited by the smaller doorways in stables. Molly was an absolute natural and was very willing to stand and pose for us! My camera cloth became a great "tool" to get her ears forward and keep her attention.

Thank you so much Emma, Lee and Molly for having me! It was such a lovely afternoon and I am so glad you're pleased with your images!

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