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Jackie & Harmony

Meet Jackie and her lovely youngster, Harmony. I met up with Jackie and her Mum at the livery yard they keep Harmony at. Jackie had not owned Harmony long at this point, just a few weeks but already they were getting to know eachother - she loved how gentle Harmony was on the ground.

Harmony has a very kind eye and a very young, honest face. They'd been getting to know eachother and look forward to lots of jumping in the future!

It was a late Autumn shoot with some lovely dappled lighting appearing through the trees, the shoot began with some shots of Jackie and Harmony walking down the lane between the fields. Jackie's mum had come along to lend a hand too shaking buckets.

As we made our way up the track we worked through a variety of different poses and set ups. In particular this is my favourite image from the whole shoot - I think it really conveys the gentleness between horse and owner but also highlighting the evident bond between them.

Last Christmas Jackie had organised a gift voucher for her Mum to have their beautiful Husky, Badger photographed. He was a big loveable dog and was very well behaved. He sat and waited beautifully and we had lots of fun playing amongst the leaves with him.

We even managed to grab some black background shots with Badger too - and I'm sure once you look at his nose, you'll notice why he's called Badger!

Thank you so much Jackie for organising everything - it was lovely to meet you and your Mum and of course your lovely pets!

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