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Abi - Rosie and Bertie

Meet Rosie and Bertie, owned by Abi. Jane, Abi's mum had organised for the shoot to take place in early January as a Christmas gift for Abi - they scheduled the shoot to co-incide with Bertie returning to his owner, however Abi told me the good news on the morning of the shoot that they had offered to buy Bertie and he was now hers!

We began the shoot with Abi in a lovely dress and tights - it was quite a chilly morning but Abi was feeling brave! To begin with we got a few shots of Rosie and Bertie being led down the driveway by Abi. They have owned Rosie for 4 years now, but she is now retired due to arthritis - it was her turn in front of the camera to start with whilst Bertie enjoyed some grass!

Abi was very easy to work with and she had a lovely way with Rosie, keeping her calm and her attention focused on us. She can be a bit flighty and doesn't like being stood still for very long. As soon as we noticed she was getting bored, we swapped round to do something else to keep her mind occupied.

Next up was Bertie! I asked Abi what they like to do together and she said that they have some lovely hacking which keeps him nice and fit. They love to do a bit of everything together but particularly enjoy endurance. Abi said that they even placed 2nd at the Pony Club champs!

We then headed back to the yard for an outfit swap for Bertie, so that Abi could have some images on Bertie's back before Abi had an outfit swap herself. Her next outfit was the lovely sage green dress that she wore to her prom. I got very excited when Abi showed me the dress because I knew it was the perfect colour to compliment some barn doors that I'd spotted on the estate.

We were careful to keep the dress nice and clean but I'm sure you'll agree the colours work very well together. I love the slightly rustic feel of the doors behind - but I also love how the blue colour makes a chestnut coat pop!

Abi wanted to finish up the shoot with a black background image of each of them. How handsome does Bertie look!

Thank you so much Abi and Jane for having me - it was a pleasure to meet you and the ponies. I hope you enjoyed the shoot and can treasure the images. Congratulations on Bertie joining the family!

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