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Amy Thompson Art

About: Berkshire Equine Artist and Photographer

Hello, nice to meet you; my name is Rose Lewis and I am a creative equine photographer - who really loves horses! I live in Berkshire with my family and "herd" of animals. Being around horses all of my life means I know what other horse owners love. I “know horses,” it’s not just the owner that needs to look nice in front of the lens, and by reading a horse, you can make a lovely image, become beautiful. I think that’s one of the most crucial things when it comes to photographing horses.


My business began several years ago, initially just offering a pet portrait service, in graphite pencil. Since then my appreciation for all forms of art, including photography has grown. After learning some initial skills in my A-Level photography course, my passion and interest in this field developed. In the Summer of 2014, when my A-Levels were completed, Daydream Equine Art became "Daydream Equine Art and Photography." Photography has been an interest of mine for a number of years; taking photographs of friends and their pets and our own family pets on holiday.

Here are some highlights:

  • Worked with Stephie Horrocks to cover Royal Ascot for GBRI

  • Valegro retired at Olympia and my images were used worldwide, notable in Charlotte Dujardin's "Girl on the Dancing Horse" autobiography

  • 3-year long commission with The Horse Trust to photograph their retired service horses

  • Photographing at The Royal Mews

  • Worked closely for many years with Piaffe who manage many top riders across the UK and abroad including Charlotte Dujardin

  • Regularly attend the biggest shows in Europe, including working for The London International Horse Show

  • Images used commercially for many notable brands including: Absorbine, Saracens, Back on Track, Spillers, Haygain, Kingsland and Roeckl.

  • Published images in national and international magazines


I've been around a variety of animals for as long as I can remember. Often commended for the way I patiently work with each animal I photograph, I don't rush or stress the animal out; if they're not happy with something in particular I will adapt to change the situation. I am a relaxed, sympathetic and calm photographer who takes time to set up each shot and I always keep the animal's interests at the forefront of any photograph. My huge love of horses and understanding of such wonderful creatures allows me to capture those memories you will proudly display on your wall; be it a portrait or photograph. So much time, effort (and money!) goes in to your wonderful pets, I guarantee you will treasure the photographs that I take, forever. Being a horse owner myself I am aware of so many little details and tricks that often are forgotten, this is what helps make my photographs stand out.


I strive to document each animal as an individual, capturing their personality, character and the incredible bond between them and their owners. each animal as an individual, capturing their personality, character and the incredible bond between them and their owners. Our four-legged friends aren't around nearly as long enough as we'd like them to be, but, be rest assured to have some perfect memories of your pets if you commission me to photograph them. My inspiration from all that I do is because of my best friend, my pony. Dolly was the cheekiest, loveable pony with the biggest heart and character you could imagine. She wasn’t a world-beater by any stretch of the imagination, but she was and is my whole entire world. I sadly lost her last summer but the lessons she taught me, opportunities and friends she opened me to, the confidence she gave me lives on through my business today. I was fortunate enough to have tonnes and tonnes of photographs of her throughout the 9 years we were together, I’d hate for anyone to be left without the captured memories that I have and that gives me the drive and determination to continue with what I’m doing today. I hope that my love and appreciation of horses shines through in everything that I create.

I am lucky enough to be able to travel across the whole of the UK, and internationally, doing a job I love and am wholly passionate about. My favourite part of what I do isn't the commercial work, it's being able to go and meet so many lovely owners and their beautiful horses, and leave them with images that they can treasure.



Equine Portraiture

Capturing the relationship between horse and owner is my main passion.

Character, personality and admiration shine through each image.

Black Background Mini Shoots

These shoots continue to grow in popularity, the 30 minute sessions use only natural light to create a timeless studio-style portrait of your horse.



Commercial, Press & Product Photography

Each client is treated as an individual - from a global brand to a small business or professional, I strive to create innovative, creative and eye-catching images to show off your work, services and products.

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