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Caitlin - King and Odin

Meet King and Odin owned by Caitlin, her partner Dave also joined us for the shoot - what a lovely family they are! Caitlin posted on a local horsey group looking for a photographer to capture some memories of the boys - I was recommended by several past clients which I am very greatful for! Caitlin messaged me and told me about the story behind her post and the slight urgency: King was scheduled to go in for surgery in the coming weeks and she wanted to have lots of photographs to treasure just in case the worst was to happen.

The following Wednesday was a very cold day but we all wrapped up warm ahead of the shoot! Caitlin and Dave were ready and waiting with both of the boys. I was introduced to King and 2 year old Odin and we headed down to their field. The most important thing for me to capture was how important King was to both Caitlin, and her partner Dave. Dave hasn't owned horses before, so King was his first "pet" and he said he never really knew how much animals could become part of the family until he met King.

"We have been many places together, but our yard is home and our central focal point, the place where he has been most happy though his decade with me."

Both boys were impeccibly behaved and they even got to sample out my latest bucket of amusing things to get their ears forward! King was fascinated by my squeaky purple octopus whilst Odin loved the bucket of treats! We begain the shoot with both Caitlin and Dave with both horses, then taking it in turns with both before some shots walking up and down the driveway together.

First up for photographs on his own was Odin - you wouldn't ever believe he was only 2. He was very patient and gentle throughout! Caitlin was there the day he foaled and she fell in love with him then - he's a real sweetheart and makes everyone laugh alot! It wasn't her intention to end up with a youngster but I can see they don't regret taking him on - he's a credit to Caitlin with his loveable nature and a massive part of the family.

Caitlin and Dave took it in turns between shaking buckets and being in the photographs. They were both so easy to work and get along with!

I seem to have gone a bit black and white crazy with these images - but it was so hard to narrow down my favourites to include in the blog post! I have so many lovely ones to choose from simply because of how lovely everyone was to be with and how natural and genuine the love Caitlin has for those boys.

With Odi back in his stable munching hay, it was King's time in front of the camera. As I mentioned above, Caitlin has owned King for 10 years - in that time they've enjoyed many activities together, especially sponsored rides and eventing!

Their aim this year was to take part in the Wobbleberry challenge (inspired by Hannah Francis' Wilberry) but sadly it wasn't to be after King was diagnosed with a tumour which would need to be removed and require some time off.

I can't say enough how much Caitlin loves the boys - I hope it shines through in the photographs! One thing that Caitlin was particularly hoping to get out of the shoot was of course, the ever popular black background images!

Again, both boys were very easy - they followed that treat bucket perfectly and posed wonderfully!

Thank you so much for having me Caitlin, even more so at a time that presents it's own challenges. I'm so pleased that King's operation was a sucess and that his recover is going well. I hope you're both back to doing what you love most as soon as possible. It was lovely to meet you all and I hope to see you all again soon!

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