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Guinness and Barney

Meet Guinnes and Barney - two very handsome labs! Guinness belongs to Molly and her family, whilst Barney belongs to her Grandparents. It was early December and the shoot had been organised so that Molly could give the prints as presents for Christmas.

We met at Rushall Farm near Bradfield for the shoot - there was a great variety of locations for us to use. We got a mixture of both portrait and action shots of the boys, some together and some individually. Molly was armed with treats and their favourite toys, but both were very well behaved!

Molly and I met at secondary school, both sharing a love of horses. We hadn't seen eachother since leaving school so it was nice to catch up!

I think the boys enjoyed their shoot - lots of treats were on hand and they even got to jump in the pond afterwards! Thank you Molly!

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