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Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you have any more queries about what to expect – as ever, feel free to contact me if you still have some questions!


An equine photoshoot lasts up to two hours. During this time we will work through a variety of different poses and positions in hand and mounted (not essential, but they always look very nice, even if it’s just stood still!) around your chosen location. You may also change outfits during this time! I then edit your photographs and display them in a gallery on my website. Black background images can be taken during a portrait shoot, there's no need to book two separate shoots.


  • How do I view my images?

Within 10 days after your shoot, you should receive the link to view your images on my website.

Most shoots are edited and on the website within a few days, but at busy times of the year this can change – you’ll be informed at the time of your shoot as to when your images will be ready.


  • How many pictures do you normally take?

I take on average anything from 400 pictures. These are then edited down to the best! Most people end up with 60+ photos from a two hour shoot to choose from after they’ve been edited!

  • How much are photos after the shoot?

Please click here to head to my price list and to see the various products available.


  • I’m not local to you!

That’s not a problem! I’m happy to travel, 40 miles travel is included in my price. However additional travel is charged at 40p a mile. You may split this cost between you all if there is a group of you having photographs taken.


  • May I change outfits?

Absolutely! I normally recommend 3 outfits. I often get asked what you should wear: you should wear something practical, yet timeless, that you won’t mind if it gets a little dirty. You should feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Please remember to think safely when choosing your outfit: sensible shoes should be worn to protect your toes from hooves! I always encourage you to wear a helmet when mounted, however this is at your discretion.


  • What should my horse wear?

Horses should be turned out as though they are going to a show. I think they look smartest in a leather bridle or headcollar. (Please don’t forget to give the leather a quick wipe down prior to the shoot!) Nylon headcollars don’t always look great! Please have your saddle handy (and clean!) if you are wanting mounted shots but aren’t happy bareback. A neutral coloured leadrope or one to match your outfit is advised if your horse will be wearing a headcollar.


  • Where should I have my photos taken?

Most commonly I photograph horses and their owners where the horse is kept. If you have another location in mind, such as: at home, woodland, horse friendly parks, I’d be happy to photograph there too!


  • What if I own more than one horse?

If you are lucky enough to own more than one horse, I am happy to photograph you with them individually as per a normal photoshoot. I can then photograph you with both/all of your horses. However time with each horse will be less than if you were having an individual horse photographed, so that we can fit everything in to the two hours. 


  • Can my dogs, partner and children be in the photographed too?

Of course! Horses are part of the family so I am more than happy for other members to be included too! I’m very flexible in my approach to this. I’m happy to split the time between taking a few shots of you all as a family and then a couple with the animals after photographing the horse/s. Special requests can be usually be accommodated for so please get in touch!


  • I don’t want to be in the photos!

My approach to photoshoots is that they should be enjoyable! I am relaxed and patient and treat everyone as an individual. If you really don’t want to be in the photos, please take a look at the black background mini shoots. My style of photos are very natural, I aim to capture you enjoying your horse! The focus of the shoot is to capture the relationship between you and your horse so don’t miss out on the chance of capturing those memories you will treasure forever! You don’t need to be a model to make the most of the shoot: I guide you through how to stand and where to position your hands to make the shots look as beautiful as possible.


  • How do I pay?

Bank transfer, cash, cheque or Paypal. Payment of the deposit is non-refundable and secures your booking date. An invoice will be sent to you at the time of booking.


  • What happens if it rains?

I always contact people a few days before their shoot to check if they have any last minute questions and to confirm contact numbers and locations. If the forecast doesn’t look promising, I will contact you to see what you’d like to do: be it chancing the shoot or rescheduling for another day. If you turn up at the yard on the day of your shoot and your horse is lame/unwell please contact me at the earliest opportunity you have and we can re-schedule your shoot for another time.  


  • Can I share the photos on Facebook?

You may share the link to your photos/blog post on Facebook. You can purchase low-res versions of your photos for you to share on social media. (They aren’t good enough to be printed) Images cannot be lifted off my website and shared on social media! I upload a handful of favourite images to my business page on Facebook. You are welcome to share those photos/set them as your profile/cover photo but you mustn’t remove the watermark!


  • I only have access to an arena; will that be ok for a photo shoot?

Whilst they don’t make the ideal background, I understand that some horses will not cope well in an open field so an arena is the safest option to use. I really enjoy working in an indoor arena/barn because you can play around creatively with the light, doorways and openings. You might not even realise that your yard would be good for photos. Most yards have gateways, fences, hedge lines and some open space to work in. However if you really don’t think your yard is suitable, I’m happy to meet you and your horse at another location, such as the woods.


  • How long after the shoot can I buy my prints?

Prints can be purchased as soon as I’ve sent you the link to your gallery. I keep all of your images on an external hard drive forever.


  • If people want to buy me prints as a present, can they?

Absolutely! I can either provide them with a gift voucher to give to you for a specific amount or specific item/package of items. to order your photos as a gift.


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Rose is a magician with a camera-the photos of my horse are amazing!! Brilliant, professional and friendly-you won't be disappointed!



Equine Portraiture

Capturing the relationship between horse and owner is my main passion.

Character, personality and admiration shine through each image.


Black Background Mini Shoots

These shoots continue to grow in popularity, the 30 minute sessions use only natural light to create a timeless studio-style portrait of your horse.


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