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Turn your images in to a beautiful work of art with the help of my Black Background Guide. Black background imagery has become my staple image style and in this document, I share my favourite tips and tricks I have learnt over the past 6 years - the guides cover four main chapters over 76 pages:

*An Introduction explaining how the shoots usually work; how to prepare the client for the shoot; what they should bring and the equipment I take to a shoot as well as a quick look at how you can protect your images.

*The Location - a key part to how these portraits are taken to ensure a dramatic black background is achieved. This section looks in depth at the camera settings you should be working with; how to use the natural light around you and how to position the horse.

*Posing can make all the difference and this chapter focuses on how to best pose the horses for the most effective results. There are behind the scenes clips, diagrams and plenty of pose inspiration images for you to work from.

*The final section covers the editing process to transform the images into art that your client can proudly hang on their wall. The effect, whilst largely created in camera, can be enhanced with just a few little steps. You will follow the editing process with written steps as well as many in-depth captioned videos showing how the process works. I work in Adobe Photoshop throughout this section.

An exclusive, private Facebook group has been set up where I will regularly share new content and provide you with feedback on the images you create with the new knowledge you have gained.

The investment into this will be £125, and the guide will be sent to you via email, as a pdf.

Whilst the guide is aimed at the more advanced camera user (semi-professional onwards) it can easily be read by those who are just starting out.


"Rose Lewis generously shares her knowledge on creating beautiful black background images. The instructions are clear and detailed and backed up with video tutorials. AND you can ask Rose questions if you get stuck. Highly recommended!" - Amy

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