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Lewis, Popsey and Tilly!

Meet Lewis, Pops and Tilly - Claire's lovely trio! You've met Popsey and Tilly before, but this image from 2015 of Claire and Tilly has to be one of my favourite black background images ever:

Claire has recently purchased the very handsome Lewis, and if you hadn't of already guessed he's a Friesian; a breed of horse that I've always admired so I was very excited when Claire invited me to photograph him!

People often ask me will a black background image of their horse work if their horse is very dark? Well, I'll let the images answer that question...

The answer is YES - in fact I think the images look even more striking, the darker the horse is! Lewis has a very shiny coat and with some clever angles and positioning, we excentuated the Friesian characteristics that Claire loves!

Next up was of course Tilly and Popsey - a very cheeky pair! Claire told me what she had in mind: an image of both of them together. Well, that was a challenge in itself! Popsey may look innocent, but she makes up for her size with plenty of attitude and personality!

We decided it might be better if we photographed both ponies seperately and then I would photoshop them together afterwards - this made for a much easier, stress free shoot with no escapees! Thank you so much Claire for having me again - it was lovely to see you and of course meet Lewis!

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