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Clare, Leo, Harry and

Meet Clare's gang of horses: Harry, Leo and Connie! After dicsussing the logistics of this shoot for a while - Clare was super pleased with the outcome!

The horses were photographed individually, on 2 separate yards and then the images were combined together in Photoshop to produce a beautiful black background portrait.

First up was Connie! I met Clare's daughter Fiona at a yard just outside of Caversham - the indoor school provided us with the perfect place to create the black background effect! Connie was the perfect model and stood completely relaxed, allowing us to photograph her from various angles.

Clare's vision was to have her two coloured horses, Harry and Connie either side of Leo - the grey. I made sure I took photos of each horses both from either side and straight on so that we could create the most realistic group shot, despite it being made up from several different shots!

After a short drive we met up with Clare and the two geldings. The location here was a bit of a challenge for the black background shots. The stable door ways were quite narrow so didn't allow us to get the same range of images we did with Connie. Never the less, the results were lovely and after quite a lot of jumping around, clapping, dancing, singing - you name it, we managed to get their ears forward!

I'm sure you'll agree the finished shot is really lovely - thank you Clare, it was brilliant to meet you all!

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