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Quarantine Questions - Katy Ferrari

It was a few years ago I first found Katy's work - we were both in a Facebook group where everyone shared tips, advise and their artwork. I've loved seeing Katy work with so many different mediums from gouache to digital drawings and now coloured pencils!

How are you spending lockdown and what are you most looking forward to once it's lifted?

Not a lot has changed for me, I live alone and work from home so im finding it pretty easy.  I still get to walk my dogs and ride my horse.  The first thing I will be doing once lockdown is lifted is entering dressage competitions!  I had lots of championships to qualify for this year, im hoping they don’t get cancelled!

Tell us a fun fact!

I live in a nightclub!

What would you dress up as for a fancy dress party?

100% a unicorn!

What drawing are you most proud of?

Im probably most proud of my most recent colour pencil drawing completed as a competition prize run by Topspec.  I've only been using colour pencils just over a year so really pleased with the way that one came out.

Who would your 3 dream dinner guests be?

Sir David Attenborough, Walt Disney and Gary Barlow

What would be your dream commission?

Being asked to draw or paint a celebrities pet would be amazing!

What's the craziest thing you've been asked to draw/paint?

Someone once asked me if I could paint a portrait of their friends dog that has passed away and the only photo they had was of a mug with the dogs picture printed on it!  I declined!

A question for me…….. If you could choose just one equestrian event anywhere in the world to attend to photograph horses in 2021, which would it be?

Urm well the postponed Olympics would be top of my list, I doubt that will happen though! And it'll be nice to actually get to a show, I'm missing them at the moment! Olympia and Windsor are some of my favourites as well as Barbury, Badminton and Burghley. I'd love to go to Aachen one year too! (And a Europeans/WEG!)

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