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My sponsored rider Katherine had organised for me to come to her yard for a group photoshoot day. My final shoot of the day was for Naomi - be prepared for an adorable overload.... eeekk I was so excited when I saw Plum!

Plum is a very handsome spotted pony. Naomi had brought along several outfits for her boys to wear. They'd spent the morning getting Plum sparkly clean ready for their photoshoot. Don't you just love his mane!


You can see the look on his face - he's cheeky! The boys and Naomi were telling me some stories about how naughty he was! But as you can see, he's a very loved little pony!


You know I said he was cheeky? This photo wasn't planned like this! I'd suggested that the boys sit down on the log we'd found in the woods and Plum would stand behind them. Well, Plum had other ideas! *Cue everyone laughing, ALOT* You know they say: Don't work with childeren and animals... However it did make some cracking photographs!

We moved on to find a larger log that Plum hopefully wouldn't be able to climb up (although my previous experience tell me to never under estimate a determined pony.. thank god he wasn't a mare!)


Katherine went into "ninja mode" and was hiding behind the log just in case Plum decided to make his escape! Photographing childeren isn't something I ever thought I'd be comfatable doing. However the natural, happy emotions that shine through on each photograph makes it a pleasure. Childeren don't have the same worries and concerns us adults do in front of the lense - I think this is what makes each image so full of life and beautiful.


After a while we headed back from the woods in to the yard. Both boys had a little sit on Plum for photographs and then out came the Santa hats! There were some tears over not wanting to wear a Santa hat but Plum definately stole the show in his antlers!

Thank you Katherine for all of your help and to Naomi, the boys and of course the ADORABLE Plum! Thoughly entertaining afternoon as you can see by the pictures!

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