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Why have a photo shoot in winter?

The winter months often feel like they can drag on. With the long nights, cold mornings and MUD (!) .. why I hear you ask, would I have a photoshoot with my horse in WINTER? Well... here's 5 reasons why!

1. First and foremost.. FLIES! The biggest pain when photographing horses in the summer is the FLIES! I go through each image removing flies from the horse because no matter how much fly spray there is on the horse the little buggers are still there, being a nuisance! The best set ups are often ruined by horses stretching out to swat a fly or a crazy tail swish. I try and make the photoshoot enjoyable for the horse too; I'll adapt to do something different if the horse isn't happy, for example if they've been stood still a while and are getting fidgety, we'll go for a little walk or move on to a new location. Think how much more enjoyable it would be for everyone if there were no flies!

2. Cold and frosty mornings - ahhh I love them! If you're prepared to brave the cold, a frosty day can make a perfect background! Picture this: the golden morning light is catching on the dew-jewel drops in the grass; the air is still, silent; the light crunch of the frozen grass, the sweet steam rising from the horses back and nostrils.. have I persuaded you yet? Frosty mornings are very atmospheric, you'll be sure of some very striking images! ... and there's always the chance it may snow - eeek!

3. Winter Sun - the short days and longer evenings produce the most beautiful sunsets of the year! The winter sun often leads to some very dramatic and breathtaking skies! The sky itself can produce beautiful backdrops for your photo shoot. The low winter sun is enjoyable to play with: silhouettes and shadows, beautiful golden tones... The light in winter is also much softer than the harsh midday summer sun. The soft light gives your face a lovely, delicate glow and you won't have to worry about the harsh shadows created in the middle of the summer - much more flattering for you!

4. Hairy ponies! What could be more adorable than a fluffy pony? During the winter our four legged friends look so cosy and warm with their tufty ears and hairy tummies. The winter light catching on this extra hair is beautiful! For some reason it seems to give the smaller ponies even more attitude and personality!

5. Winter clothes! Don't be put off by the fact it's cold.. you can still look just as lovely in your winter clothes. Co-ordinate a wooly hat with some knitted mittens. A colourful scarf can beautifully set off an outfit. Perhaps the idea of standing in a field in the summer, in a vest top or dress is your idea of a nightmare? Well, winter is for you: big fluffy coats, boots and jeans not only look lovely but are a fantastic way to make you feel a little happier if you don't feel comfatable showing yourself off!

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