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Leo and Piper

Meet Alison and her two beautiful dogs, Leo and Piper! I met Alison and her German Shepherd's at a lovely spot in Bramshill, along with a mutual friend of ours, Mel - who had organised the shoot and was coming along as an extra pair of hands.

Piper is an old girl now, but she definitely didn't show it - she was full of beans, leaping around and chasing Leo. Alison kept Leo from Piper's litter of puppies.

Both the dogs had such a lovable manner, they were perfectly behaved and a real credit to Alison, who clearly puts a lot of time and effort in to her lovely dogs.

They were angels! It's so lovely to work with extremely obedient dogs. They loved the tennis balls and would do anything for them! The location was beautiful, we were spoilt for choice when it came to varying backdrops. There were beautiful lakes, areas of grass and woodland. It was a beautiful warm day, the sun was shining and we all had a great couple of hours.

Both dogs demonstrated their perfect "waits" which allowed me to quickly whizz around them snapping from various angles, whilst they sat or stood still in a variety of positions. It's not often I get spoilt this much - most dogs only give me a short span of time to get all the shots I want. This isn't a problem though, if you're panicking that your dog doesn't sit and wait. There are so many different shots we can take: with a bit of magic, I can even remove leads and owners from the photographs if necessary! With that being said, I can take plenty of action shots too!

Thank you so much Alison (and Mel!) for having me photograph Leo and Piper - it was lovely to see you all again this week when I dropped the canvases off. I am so excited to see them up on the wall when you've finished decorating!

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