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William, Georgie and Star

Meet William and Georgie who own a beautiful Dartmoor pony called Star! Sally contacted me towards the end of last year to book in a shoot, to give the prints as Christmas presents, however due to illness and bad weather we’ve had to keep postponing. So it was nice to finally meet them all!

Star is a 6 year old pony with a heart of gold, standing at 12hh. Her face I’m sure you’ll agree is very sweet! We began the shoot with some black background images – with Georgie strapped to Sally’s back, holding on to the carrots to get Star’s attention.

William adores Star, I hope that comes across in the photographs, she was so gentle around him and gave him kisses. She gave everyone kisses, my hands were thoroughly licked by the time I finished the shoot. After a few photographs on the yard, we headed to Star’s field for some photos.

William told about their holiday the week before, they’d been skiing. William told me he was very tired after skiing! After we’d spent a little while in the field, Star was tacked up. Georgie also enjoyed a ride too; she had a very cheeky smile on her face the whole time wanting to ride for longer!

The shoot concluded with both of the children giving Star a good groom and plenty of hugs – Charlie the dog also joined in for a few photographs too.

It was lovely to meet you all, Star is such a sweetheart, as were the children. Thank you Sally and I am so glad you love the images!

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