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*NEW* Products Introduced

Following on from the client feedback I had after the shoots last year, some people had suggested a couple of new product ideas. Whilst some of them were products I already had in mind and were in discussion with various suppliers about, others were very innovative and I'm sure they'll be very popular!

The first of which is something I've been able to offer for a while, I just haven't got round to properly advertising it and working out the prices I have because there are almost limitless options: framing. I work with a lovely local business who source beautiful woods and other finishes. With hundereds of mount colours and appeture options, I trust their expertise to ensure my photographs are beautifully presented for you, my lovely customers!

They often go above and beyond, surpassing my own expectations to create a quality, well-finished product. The brilliant think about working with another likeminded small business is that they don't reel off hundereds of frames a day, they take the time to look with their artistic eye to really make sure my customers recieve a great peice.

The 4x4 mini frames that I am offering look super! With a double mount they will be well suited to any shelf, desk or wall. I'm currently in talks with them to offer some examples on how to frame your black background images as sometimes I think this is where people struggle! I am also in the process of sorting out the measurements for multi-appeture mounts to display larger collage peices.

I was recently asked if I could supply tablet cases with images from shoots on. I searched high and low and then stumbled across these lovely faux-leather flip cases; currently only available for Ipads sadly. (However I've found some neoprene pouch cases that will be suitable for other tablets or could even be used to store notebooks and stationary.)

Gaelann kindly offered to help me test out the new cases, this one for her Ipad mini. She chose to use one of the photographs of her and her ex-racer, Alfie, that I'd taken at a local riding club event. Here is her feedback: "New treat has arrived. Trialing the new product line from Daydream Equine Art. Alfie can even come to work with me now. This is the Ipad mini version. The case is strong, well made, and the lovely picture we choose to use is like the icing on top."

As you can see from the photographs, the whole Ipad is protected. The case also doubles up as a stand with fold out components.

The case feels durable, something that I strive for across the product range. The cases are specific for each Ipad model resulting in full access to the ports, jacks and camera without the need for the case to be removed. (A result if you're extra clumsy like me!)

I had previously offered phone cases from another supplier, however in a bid to find something at an even higher quality I sought to find the cases from somewhere else. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the cases I was having printed before, I came across these cases whilst looking at the Ipad cases mentioned above. The reproduction of the photograph is of a very high quality, printed on to a clear plastic case. They also offer for some models, the option to have a faux-leather case, much like the Ipad cases.

Another great thing about these cases is that there is such a variety of different models to choose from! Including: Sony, Apple, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry's; again with full access to the ports and the camera. The poly-carbonate plastic material is highly durable as well as being lightweight, allowing you to continue using your phone as normal whilst ensuring it's well protected from day-to-day activities, including those pesky horses!

There are serveral more products in the pipeline including some beautiful wooden boxes and as mentioned above, the tablet pouches. Is there anything else you'd like to see added to the range of photo shoot products?

Bex kindly offered to test out the new phone cases for me.. she absolutely loves the fact that she can take her handsome horse "everywhere" with her now!

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