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Nia - Lilly and Mojo

Meet Nia and her two ponies: Mojo and Lilly. Nia was lucky enough to be given a voucher for her birthday for a two hour shoot. Our first arranged date sadly had to be postponed due to the weather. We managed to find a new date - showers threatened at the beginning of the shoot, but by the end it was lovely, sunny and warm.

Sarah, Nia's mum is an equine sports massage therapist, I did some photos for her a few months ago and she's visited Dolly a few times to treat her. I've heard all about Nia and the two ponies so it was nice to finally meet them!

Lilly, who's 3, got her first bridle for the shoot! She looked so grown up, especially with the white bandages. We began by Sarah showing me around the yard, whilst Nia continued getting the ponies ready. We spent the majority of the shoot in a lush grassy field. Working through a variety of different positions on the ground, with Mojo to begin. We then got some shots of both Lilly and Mojo with Nia before swapping over to give Lilly her moment in the spotlight. Again, she was so well behaved. For a young horse experiencing lots of new things for the first time, she took it all in her stride.

After around an hour or so in the field, we headed back up to the yard ready for Mojo to be tacked up. Nia and Mojo had a good blast around the field before Lilly had a little lead off the back of Mojo.

We headed back up to the yard so that Nia could change in to her second outfit.

There was a lane just outside the entrance to the yard, which is where we went next. Both horses were so patient, even if Mojo did get a little too relaxed and stood there with his eyes closed in a dream!

A really fun afternoon finished up with us taking the ponies up to the stables for some black background shots. Sarah entertained us all with her dancing to try and get their ears forward!

Thank you so much Nia and Sarah for having me! Also to Jon & Laurie for purchasing the gift voucher for Nia. It was so nice to finally meet the ponies! (And the doggies!)

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