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Hannah and Bee

Meet Hannah and her stunning mare Bee! A few weeks ago when I was at Badminton I sadly got an email from Hannah saying that she’d just said goodbye to her handsome spotty boy – I was so sad to hear this Hannah and such a shame we just missed out on getting those photos for you to treasure forever.

We began the shoot in the barn so I could get some black background shots of Bee on her own and then with Hannah too. Bee made my job so easy – she had her ears forward as soon as Nick started shaking the treats and squeaking the toy.

We then headed down to the fields for a few pictures in the strip between the fields. Bee’s hacking buddy wasn’t overly helpful here – we were laughing away at her – in the background of the photos you can see the mare running backwards and forwards, bucking and creating dust clouds! Hannah also had a few photographs with her daughter and Bee before we headed back to the stables for an outfit change.

We then headed to the drive way where I found a lovely bench for Hannah to sit on. We managed to get some lovely photos before Bee told us she’d had enough of being on the gravel!

Hannah got changed in to her last outfit – a leopard print dress which she called her “camouflage against Bee dress!”

This field was lovely – the flowers made the photos feel very summery! I spent most of my time laid down in the grass taking some natural shots of Hannah chatting away to Bee in the grass. Bee thought she was in heaven with all this yummy grass, being fed treats to stand still and put her ears forwards!

It was lovely to meet you and Bee, Hannah! I wish I’d got to meet Dakota too – I’m so sorry for your loss. Bee seems to have taken up the role of looking after you very well; I hope you love your photographs.

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