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Erica and Bailey

Meet Erica and her beautiful gelding, Bailey, whom she’s owned for a number of years! Erica said she mainly does dressage with Bailey however has had to have a bit of a break due to school and exams. Bailey was a very well behaved boy and was very calm when we tried some new ideas with him!

We began our shoot down in the woods. Using the trees and lovely scenery as a background as well as using some of the logs. However Bailey decided the logs tasted very nice and they were much more interesting than the treats we had and the rattling keys! Thank you as to Annabelle for managing to keep his attention long enough for me to get some photos!

A few minutes before the shoot it was just starting to spit with rain, but as we were in the woods the sun started to make an appearance which made for some lovely lighting in the photographs!

Erica was great, very willing and happy to try all of our poses and ideas! Some of which involved her sitting backwards on Bailey!

These photographs were all done up in the barn in a very safe way. Bailey was held at the front and was happily munching on some mints. Erica hopped on when Bailey was in the right position and we managed to get some awesome shots!

Jenni, Erica’s mum then snuck in to a couple of photos at the end which looked fab!

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