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Heather and Alix

My last photoshoot of the day on the group shoot that Becky had organised was for Heather and her handsome boy Alix!

Heather was unsure how Alix would behave so she kept the lunge line with us. He was a superstar though! Despite several horses charging around the adjacent field, he was brilliant and we were able to get some great images!

After a short time spent on the track between the school and the stables I asked Heather if Alix was okay in the woods. She said he hadn’t been in the woods before but was happy to see how her went! With a bit of snorting when we first went in, he was pretty much foot perfect! And even better, they both got some photographs of his first time out on a little mini hack!

After Alix had experienced the woods, we headed back up the track to the beautiful big barns that are perfect for my black background photographs! Alix looked very regal against the black background! Heather even had a few shots bareback – another new experience for Alix which he coped very well with!

I just love how natural these photographs are and how Heather’s love for Alix shines through so beautifully! Thank you Heather, I hope you love your images!

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