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Liz and Wiz


(Doesn’t that just sound like a great partnership!) Meet Liz and her loan horse, Wiz! As part of the yard day that Becky organised, I got the opportunity to photograph the biggest horse I’ve probably met! Wiz was such a gentle giant though, all 18.3hh of him!


We headed down to the woods where we began photographing them both. My lovely assistant for the day, Annabelle was great at getting Wiz to look in the direction I wanted him to. Liz was a natural and was up for all of my ideas on how to be positioned. We even came up with a few slightly different poses to show off his size.


Wiz’s owners were there with their young son. Despite them not being sure if they wanted to be in the photos, we managed to fit in a few pictures of them all with Wiz!


We finished up the hour by making the most of the lovely open barns to create some black background images. Liz and Wiz were both so natural at having their photos taken it was a very enjoyable shoot!


Thank you so much Liz for having us! I hope you love your images.

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