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Meet Claire!

I was first introduced to Claire when she asked me to design a logo for her small business. I first actually met Claire a few months later when she safely delivered a new pony to our yard.

I asked Claire a few question about her business: Personal Equine Transport. Perhaps you have a special location planned for your photoshoot you'd need Claire's assistance in getting to? Or perhaps you'd like to hire a box for the weekend to go competing?


  • How would you describe your business/services in a sentence?

Claire covers the whole of the UK. She is based in Berkshire but distance is not a problem! Prices to a local show or lesson start from as little as £60.

  • The perfect location you can think of for a photoshoot?

I think a perfect location for a photoshoot would be a beach on a winters day when the sun is setting.

Is the beach your ideal location for a photoshoot? Stuck for transport? Then look no further - Claire will offer a fantastic service to get you and your horse there both safely and professionally.

  • Do you offer other services?

I do offer other services such as general grooms work, mucking out turning out bring in etc.. and also included in my prices quoted I offer a grooms services so assistance with tacking up, holding etc


You can find out more information about Claire's services as well as contact information by visiting:

I would also like to add I am open 24/7 for vet runs and breakdown assistance. And I do hire my 3.5t box out!

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