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Logo and Graphic Design

A  logo is an important feature of your company to help identify your business from the rest. I am able to offer a bespoke logo design service to create an affordable, yet professional logo to represent your business.




Whether you have an idea in your head, a few basic suggestions, have a complete idea in mind or are completely clueless to what you are after I am able to work with you to create the logo. I can offer creative and constructive advice to ensure your logo not only reflects your business in a professional capacity but it will also be suitable for it's use, for example it will be suitable to have embroidered on to polo shirts, jackets etc.


 I am also available for other types of design work: designing posters, banners, headers for websites etc. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the other services I can offer and to get a quote. Please contact me via email:






I offer a transparent, all inclusive price for all of my logo design work. The price covers all of the design work from the very first steps right through to refining a final idea. The finished logo is available in a number of formats at no additional cost.


A complete bespoke logo costs: £90

Receiving the Logo


Each logo is sent to you via email, drop box or can be posted on a memory stick for an additional fee. The logo can be sent to you in a variety of formats including: .jpeg and .psd files making them ready to have printed on to garments, mugs and other items.


*The original artwork still remains the property of Daydream Equine Art but the business is able to use the logo on branded items, websites, social media and for advertising purposes. The original artwork must not be altered without prior permission from Daydream Equine Art*

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