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Angie and Kirsh

After the success of my last “yard shoot” I was invited back again to Katherine’s yard to photograph for some more people! I met Angie and her lovely mare Kirsh. Kirsh looks amazing for 19, I’m sure you’ll agree!


We headed down to the woods to begin with. After saying she didn’t want to be in the photos, it wasn’t long before Angie was in the photos too! Kursh looked fantastic, as did Angie in very natural poses. We used some of the fallen trees and logs in the shots for Angie to sit on. I absolutely love how the natural personalities came across in these images. Angie had just been saying how she’d love me to come back in the summer to get some photographs of her grandson with Kirsh – and with that, he appears around the corner! (Although he was adamant he didn’t want to be in the photographs!)


After a little while in the woods, we headed up through the yard alongside the fields. Kirsh by this point had decided she wasn’t going to act her age!


We then finished up the shoot with some photographs of Angie and Kirsh in the barn where I could create the black background shots.


Thank you for having us to come and photograph you both! I hope you are pleased that you decided to be in the photographs too! It was lovely to meet you.

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