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Chelsea and Fi

I was asked by Chelsea a few months ago to come and photograph her sister Daniella and her pony, Toastie, for Daniella's birthday.

Since then Chelsea has given photo shoot vouchers to a friend for her birthday, and then she invited me back to photograph herself, the dogs, her new horse and her partner! .. after an issue with the car we were on our way!


Chelsea had only had her new mare a few days but you wouldn't have known it! They were already bonded! Fi is a beautiful horse who Chelsea will compete in dressage.


Chelsea is lucky enough to own her own beautiful livery yard so we weren't short of locations. We began in one of the paddocks, Chelsea wearing a lovely black dress. Fi was brilliant, hardly needed to rattle or squeak anything as her ears were permanently fixed forward! Yay!

After a quick change in to a lovely white dress we headed back to the fields and path to get more photos.

Whilst Chelsea was getting changed in to her last outfit Phoebe and I took Fi back to the stables. During her sister, Daniella's, shoot I got a beautiful photograph of Toastie on a black background. Everybody loved the image and the aim was to try and get a similiar one of Fi, facing the opposite way so that she would face Toastie on the wall.

We then headed off to the cross country field and driveway to get some photographs of Fi, Chelsea, Ryan and their dogs Paris and Bentley all together. Easier said than done! The cross country jumps made the perfect "bench" for the photographs. Eventually we managed to get an image with every body looking the right way!


Thank you so much Chelsea for inviting me back again, all the best with Fi and I can't wait to see your posts about her!

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