*NEW* Products Introduced

Following on from the client feedback I had after the shoots last year, some people had suggested a couple of new product ideas. Whilst some of them were products I already had in mind and were in discussion with various suppliers about, others were very innovative and I'm sure they'll be very popular! The first of which is something I've been able to offer for a while, I just haven't got round to properly advertising it and working out the prices I have because there are almost limitless options: framing. I work with a lovely local business who source beautiful woods and other finishes. With hundereds of mount colours and appeture options, I trust their expertise to ensure my photographs ar

*NEW* Black Background Mini Sessions!

Due to popular demand, I’m very excited to launch something new for 2016! Black background images have become a “signature” style of mine, one of the most popular “must have images.” This has led to me creating the Black Background Mini Sessions: Each session allows for up to 30 minute shooting time with your horse. During this time we can photograph the horse from a variety of angles as well as allowing for tack to be changed too.I’d also be more than happy to split the time between other horses that you own as well as involving you in someof the shots, if you wish. (However, owners may not share the session with other owners - an additional session will need to be purchased) After your sho

Suzanne, Jeremy, Tarmac and Brewster

Meet Suzanne and her 18hh gentle giant Trackhener, Jeremy, better known as Jezza. Suzanne contacted me after seeing some of the photographs that I’d done for other people at her yard. We chatted over a few messages and we worked out a plan of what photographs Suzanne wanted. She had two black Labradors who she also wanted to include in the photographs. She did warn me that this may be a challenge getting them all to stand together, but I had a plan up my sleeve! After initially postponing after a very cold morning with a flurry of snow that quickly turned to slush, the day we’d re-arranged too was even colder; -8 when I got up in fact! Wrapped up warm with several thermal layers and waterpro

Dom & Silver

Meet Dom, Lorene, Poppy, Jack and their gorgeous grey gelding, Silver. After seeing my advert for the new Black Background Mini Sessions, Dom’s Mum, Lorene got in touch with me. After a number of successful seasons eventing together, Silver was off to his new home the following day. However, he isn’t going too far away so Dom can still visit and take him hunting! Lorene wanted to make sure they had some lovely photographs of Silver, Dom and the other members of the family that they could treasure. I was warned it might be quite emotional! I headed over to Hampshire on the Sunday afternoon for the shoot. Dom was busy adding the finishing touches – red bandages! Dom’s eventing colours are red

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