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Dom & Silver

Meet Dom, Lorene, Poppy, Jack and their gorgeous grey gelding, Silver. After seeing my advert for the new Black Background Mini Sessions, Dom’s Mum, Lorene got in touch with me. After a number of successful seasons eventing together, Silver was off to his new home the following day. However, he isn’t going too far away so Dom can still visit and take him hunting!

Lorene wanted to make sure they had some lovely photographs of Silver, Dom and the other members of the family that they could treasure. I was warned it might be quite emotional!

I headed over to Hampshire on the Sunday afternoon for the shoot. Dom was busy adding the finishing touches – red bandages! Dom’s eventing colours are red and black so he wanted to make sure there was red in these photographs too!

I had a vague feeling that I recognised Dom and finally I worked out that I’d seen him competing in the RC Eventers Challenge at Blenheim earlier on in the year and we had several mutual friends.

Silver was a great model, very patient and would put his ears forward as soon as my camera clicked away. In the “Getting To Know You” forms before every shoot, I always ask my clients for any particular shots that they’d like me to capture. Dom had seen a bareback photograph that I’d taken for a friend and we managed to re-create the shot for him! It was clear that Dom absolutely adores Silver.

Lorene thought it would also be lovely to have a photograph of their two spaniels in the photographs with Dom and Silver too. The dogs were very well behaved and stayed sitting exactly where they were told, making my job very easy! We even managed to convince Lorene to have a couple of shots taken with Silver!

I hope Silver has a lovely time at his new home with his young riders and that the photographs I took of Silver are a great memory for you to look back on. Thank you very much for having me and I can’t wait to come back soon!

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