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Quarantine Questions - Emily Mumford

Thank you so much to Emily for answering my questions - she's a wonder woman when it comes to working with country brands and has a huge passion for everything equestrian, especially if it evolves eventing!

How are you spending lockdown and what are you most looking forward to once it's lifted? 

Working from home is my norm so that side of things hasn’t changed really - it’s just got slightly trickier now I have a 7month old, a 7yr old and a 39yr old to keep entertained at the same time! I’m secretly REALLY enjoying having everyone at home though but can’t wait to be able to ride again! 🥰

If you could ride any horse, past or present, from any discipline, who would it be and why? 

This one’s easy - it would have to be The Windrush Academy’s Wesko ridden by Tim Price. He is just the most gorgeous soul and so unassuming until you get him into an arena or in front of a crowd! The relationship he has with Tim is incredible special! 

Whats the best part of your job?

There are so many best bits! Getting to watch and learn from the world’s best riders, working with amazing business owners, the freedom it affords me and the friends it has found me! 

What/who would you dress up as for a fancy dress party?

I don’t really do dressing up but Jennifer Saunders is one of my favourite actresses and Eddie is by far my favourite character so probably Ab Fab’s Eddie! 

Which is your favourite event to attend in the season?

This is a toughie! I am very lucky that I get to attend the biggest events in the world with work so I get to go behind the scenes of them all too...

Bramham has always been up there and Belton was super special because I used to be Assistant Event Director there but Burghley has to be my all time favourite! It takes place in my home county and I’ve been going for as long as I can remember - watching Pippa win it again this year was pretty special but nothing has matched being there when Tim Price (my client and friend) won with Ozzie (Ringwood Sky Boy) in 2018!

Who would your 3 dream dinner guests be?

Can’t do 3 so I did 6!!

Stephen Fry

Tom Hardy

Elton John

Jennifer Saunders

Dawn O’Porter 


Freddie Flintoff you have to ask me a question

Who is your biggest inspiration & what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Ohhhh - I'm not sure I could pin point it to one person in particular. I take inspiration from the weirdest inspiration at times - I love the mindset and drive that professional athletes. I think we can take a massive amount of inspiration from "everyday" sort of people too - there's some amazing and motivational people I've met who have overcome so much and when you think about them, it makes you want to strive for that little bit extra. And then creatively I admire a lot of different photographers - Tim Flach, Wiebke Haas - there's far too many to mention. I love looking how different photographers make use of light (or don't, in many cases) and maybe my biggest inspiration, as cheesy and weird as it might be, comes from animals - I think we can tell a lot about ourselves by the way in which we interact with animals. I love sitting and observing horses in herds and the way they all bounce off each other, the way their body language changes and how they can read a situation.

Maybe it's not advise, but it's something I always try and live by - just be kind!

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