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Quarantine Questions - Emily Cole

Today I've been asking the amazingly talented illustrator Emily Cole some questions! I'm sure a lot of you will recognise her drawings of the cartoon ponies, depicting scenes very familiar to us horse owners! They're just so relatable!

How are you spending lockdown and what are you most looking forward to once it's lifted? I have moved back home from my office space. I am trying to use the time to work on some projects that I have had to put on the back burner for a bit with everything else going on. I’m really missing seeing friends and family. I often say that I like to be anti social but on my own terms and not because I have to be! I’m also missing getting to ride and spend time with Horses so that will probably be one of the first things I do too.

What/who would you dress up as for a fancy dress party? I’ve always fancied trying one of those inflatable Dinosaur costumes ...

What piece are you most proud of?  I’m my own biggest critic so I don’t know if there is a specific piece I am most proud of but I quite like ‘Believe in yourself’ as it was one I felt inspired to draw.  Who would your 3 dream dinner guests be? Oh I got asked this recently so I’m prepared for this. Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Mary Berry

How do you go about starting a drawing and coming up with the "content" - they're so funny and relatable! It usually starts off as a random idea and then I try to imagine what it would look like and try to piece it together in sketches before drawing it up. I have quite a vivid imagination so I can picture how things might work (or not!) quite clearly.

I love how the drawing you did from London 2012 ended up starting something big for you, but what would be your dream commission? In many ways I have had the some dream commissions. Working for Horse & Hound was definitely a dream come true. I think, (at the risk of sounding like a fan girl!) a yard portrait of Carl Hester’s yard with all the horses, birds and dogs is something I think would be really fun. you have to ask me a question

What is your most embarrassing Horsey experience? And / or do you ever get completely star struck meeting people?

Dolly always provided me with a lot of embarrassing moments, but probably falling off in my walk and trot dressage test was a highlight haha!

Oo - I do! I try not to, and hopefully it doesn't show, but I do! And I hate to admit it, but usually it's more the horse I'm more star struck to meet than the rider!

Emily has put up a few little tutorials to draw your own pony!

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