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Here's to the horsey mums...

Whilst we should appreciate our mothers every single day of the year, I think us horsey girls have just that little bit extra to thank our Mums for; this year Mother's day falls on March 11th in the UK.

In many cases alot of us owe our love of horses to our mothers. The likes of Emily King and Lissa Green undoubtedly owe their early careers to their mothers - whilst they've still had to work hard themselves, it was their mothers love for horses that has planted their feet firmly in the stirrups, as to speak! But celebrity-equine Mums aside, every equestrian Mum has been there from the beginning: driving you to your first lessons, being on hand to offer support and hold your hand when it all goes wrong.

Mums often give up a lot for us horsey girls, a lie in being one of them! From a horsey mad teenager who needs Mum to drive the lorry and give up another weekend to stand and support at a dressage competition, to the Mum who gets roped in to volunteering at another Pony Club rally. Here's to the Mums who spend their evenings sewing rugs back together and washing the numnahs ready for the next competition. Here's to the Mums that are up at the crack of dawn to muck out the horses whilst you're revising, or even out partying or to get them plaited before yet another pony party..

Here's to the horsey Mums that booked your first lead rein lesson just so they would have a hacking partner in the future!


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