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Q&A Time!

I popped a quick post up on Facebook and answered a few quickfire questions, here they are:

If you could pick any scenery in the world for a photo shoot where would it be?

I'd love to photograph in front of a massive stately home, like Badminton or Highclere. Or somewhere really iconic in a Big Ben just to be completely different.. Or Giants Causeway

What is the most helpful thing a person can do for you on a shoot and why?

Bring cake!? Haha in all seriousness, bringing someone on the ground to help shake buckets and lend a hand makes the shoot run so much smoother, and we can take a much bigger variety of photos

If you could go behind the scenes in any movie (current or old) that had horses in it, which one would you choose? Or advert cos I know Superbowl Budweiser ads are awesome!

The Lloyds Bank Adverts!

What has been your most memorable shoot, and why?

Ooo probably my trip to Windsor Castle or the Mews as that was such a privilege. I have some that have been memorable because the ponies have been so naughty too!

What’s your favourite time of year to shoot?


What's your favourite shoot location?

I get to go to some stunning yards - I don't have a favourite specific location but I love somewhere with plenty of variety. Pretty woodlands, somewhere with a lovely long drive way or something as simple as a nice view!

Out of all the pictures you’ve taken, do you have a favourite?

My favourite photos change all the time! I have several favourites for many different reasons. I have a favourite photo of my own pony, but I also have a few favourites because of the story/journey they tell. A favourite of mine is one of the Windsor Greys that I took last year just because it was such a special day. Then there's the image of Valegro that I took because it marks an important milestone in my career. So I think I've actually got several favourites because of the story behind the image, rather than the actual photo itself.

If you could be “famous” (not that you aren’t 😉) for one photo, which would it be, or haven’t you taken it yet?

Oh god, urm, I'm not sure 😂😂 I think the Valegro one has become quite well recognised! But I'd like to say it's one I haven't taken yet as it'll mean I'll always be working to get it!

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