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Looking forward to 2019...

With the first month of the year almost at an end, it's time to really start looking forward to what 2019 has in store!

I'm looking forward to meeting more of you and your beautiful horses. Creating memories to last a lifetime - and the fun we will have in doing so! I take great pride in the fact that my job is to make other people happy!

I'm looking forward to working with so many wonderful brands over the coming year. 

I also have a new project to work on throughout the year which I'm very excited about!  

I'm looking forward to watching these three girls over the coming year. Jessie moved up from ponies and has taken her young horse, Casper out to his first few shows recently. And I've not seen Rose properly over the last year or so as she's been out training in Germany with Helen Langehanenberg and then started her first year at University - I'm looking forward to meeting her new young horse, Franz! Becka has been bringing on her young horse, Wanda, who will soon be for sale. She's done such a lovely job with Wanda, she really is such a sweet little all-round mare!  

I asked my three sponsored riders what they are most looking forward to for the coming year: 

Jessie Kirby 

Looking forward to stepping up to juniors with my horse Belle and bringing on my young horse Casper - looking forward to GCSE's being over!

Rose Hugh-Smith

I can’t wait to bring my gorgeous 5 year old home from Germany over Easter! The plan is to focus on his training and take him to a few shows to gain experience, so I cannot wait for the season ahead!

Becka James

I am looking forward to getting Wanda out more and more and ready for her next owner whoever that may be! Caprice I am looking forward to doing lots of fun rides with and enjoying the Berkshire countryside. She has given me everything I could ever want and this year is ensuring she has fun!

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