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Emilia and Apollo

Meet Emilia and Apollo! After having to reschedule due to poor weather, we were blessed with the most beautiful Autumnal afternoon! I headed over towards Bristol to meet them both during late October.

At 32 years old, I thought Apollo would be easy enough to photograph, but Emilia had warned me he was VERY cheeky! We began with a few shots in one of the paddocks behind the stables before before heading over to the stables for some black background photographs. Apollo on the other hand had other ideas! Emilia's Mum and boyfriend were on hand to shake buckets and throw bags around in a bid to try and get his ears forward, whilst poor Emilia wrestled Apollo in the stable. We got there in the end!

Emilia hopped on board Apollo and rode him down the road to where we were waiting in the car. He looked very keen as he headed down the lane towards us! The bridleway had a gorgeous hazy low light shining through the trees which made for the perfect Autumnal backdrop. Isn't Apollo just beautiful!

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