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Annie and Duke

Meet Annie and her Dales pony, Duke (Tudor Duke). Annie was given a voucher by one of her friends at the yard, Lara. Annie had helped out on Lara's shoot a few years ago, but this time it was her turn to be in front of the camera!

She'd been brushing Duke to get those beautiful feathers and long mane looking perfect for the shoot. As you can see, Duke loved the whole experience and was a complete poser! After beginning with some black background shots, we headed down to the fields for some shots along the tracks. The last time I had been at their yard it had been under several inches of snow, so it was lovely to be back in warmer weather!

Annie brought along her partner to help out on the shoot, but also, she wanted some photos of the two of them together, as looking back, there weren't that many. Her parents also came along to have some family shots taken, much to Duke's amusement! We knew that the key to getting Duke's attention would be a bucket of food, and he'd slowly been moving everyone closer and closer to the bucket of nuts that had been left out the side - he found it very funny!

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