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Lish, Sophie, Nibby and Joto

It was a blistering hot day as I headed over the Thames to meet Alex and her horses. We started early to try and avoid the worst of the sun, but even that early, we were all beginning to get quite warm! After being introduced to all 4 horses, we began with some black background shots in the stables. Alex had said she'd like a photograph of all four horses together, so the black background images provided a perfect way to put the girls all together in one portrait!

We then walked down to the woods to avoid the harsh sun light. The canopy of trees not only kept us away from the heat, but also gave the horses a break from the flies. Alex went first with her two grey girls whilst Amelia threw leaves and treats to get Sophie and Lish's attention. Alex's Mum had a few shots with her lovely mare, Joto. Joto was so sweet - she is almost blind now, but she was flicking her ears around listening to the voices around her quite contently. I think she quite enjoyed her little walk out down to the woods!

Nibby was Alex's first pony, who's now being ridden by Amelia - there's just something so magical about a little grey pony! Nibby loved being in front of the camera and being smothered with kisses and cuddles! All that's missing right now is a unicorn horn I thought to myself as Amelia sat bareback on Nibby in her pretty dress! I asked Amelia's Mum, Sarah, if she'd like some photos with Nibby too, and before Sarah could answer, Amelia shouted: YES!

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