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Fine Art Shoots

Over the past few years, my black backgrounds have become a signature style and highly sought after. One of the first shots I'm asked to capture at any shoot, is usually a "black background" portrait.

I've been developing a style that captures not only the character of the horse or pony in front of my lens, but also, a way to create a piece of artwork, slightly different to your typical portrait. A client asked me last year to recreate a similar piece she'd seen in a gallery in America, but she wanted it to be of her own horse. We set to work to produce a beautiful, abstract image of her horse that was printed on to a gorgeous box frame, which now hangs pride of place in her home.

So that got me thinking about putting together a package to offer something similair:

These mini sessions will create a bespoke piece of art, with your horse as the subject. From their soft expression, to the whiskers on their velvet nose, the whorl of hair between their eyes; these shoots are about those tiny details that makes your horse, yours.

Manipulating the natural light around them to paint a photographic fine art portrait; capturing the form, markings and soul of your horse - capturing not what the camera sees; but what your heart sees.

The shoot includes a 30 minute shoot and a beautiful box-framed print in either: 30" x 30" square, or as a landscape or portrait 40" x 24". You will also receive 5 matt 12x8 prints from your shoot.

I've had a lovely response to this new part of my business, so much so, that I've even had people who currently don't own their own horse, ask me if I'd put together a range of prints to sell. I'm delighted to say that with the help of some wonderful equine-models, I have a lovely collection of Fine Art prints that I will be releasing over the coming months - so keep your eyes peeled!

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