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Yesterday was a total dream come true for me, and I honestly can not stop smiling!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to photograph one of the world’s most iconic horses. Watching him dance, with such presence is what drew me in to the sport of dressage. Ever since I saw the likes of him, Utopia and Totilas, I've been addicted. I've had the pleasure of meeting him several times, but never properly, at home, in his stable. I spotted him looking over his stable as I stepped on to the yard; he looked so relaxed, munching his hay, watching the girls working on the yard.

When I saw those glorious moments at the London 2012 Olympics, I thought "wow!" (I mean, even my brother, who doesn't even like horses, was moved by that test!) And from that moment onwards, when I was getting to grips learning about my basic camera and kit lenses, I made it my dream to one day photograph him. That moment came during his retirement at Olympia, in 2016, and those images have become a firm favourite of not only of Charlotte, but also many of his fans. I couldn't me more thrilled and flattered that my photographs were chosen to feature on the official DVD of his retirement ceremony, and in Charlotte's autobiography. I still have to pinch myself; those photographs have opened up a whole new world to me and my little business!

My black background style images have become extremely popular and one of my statement pieces, highly sought after on every shoot. I've pictured the exact shot I was after time and time again. Although, I didn't think I'd actually get to tick this one off my "bucket list." I've never been someone to push for something or really step out of my comfort zone, but when you have been dreaming of an opportunity like this, I had to take it!

Valegro had enjoyed time out in the field, so Alan (aka, the Supergroom!) gave his face a little wipe over. He stood there, with his noble head looking over the door, I had to go and give him a big hug! (Oh, and Uti, who stood there, like, "don't forget about me!") His love for Alan was so evident, I got Alan to walk backwards and fowards behind me, until Blueberry's head was in the right position, and his ears forward. Alan just had to laugh, or speak, for those ears to shoot forward!

He's even more handsome, even friendlier, than you could imagine, and I think I've fallen in love with him all over again. I feel like I've met royalty, if not, better - oops!

To have the opportunity to capture this magnificent horse in a different light and allow him to be presented in a way that is more than just the incredible dressage symbol that he has become over the last few years was an absolute delight, capturing not only his beauty, but his intelligence and amazing character.

The Professor, The Wonder Horse, Valegro, Blueberry:

From Charlotte's Facebook page: "This picture took my breath away. Everything I love about him has been captured beautifully by my friend Rose Lewis of Daydream Equine Art x"

-- please do not save/download, alter, crop or re-post this image without written permission!

The rest of the day was then spent with Alan, and his 3 cheeky Shetlands, but you'll have to wait a while longer to see those ones!

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