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Viewing your images...

There are so many creative, elegant ways to display the images from your shoot, it can often be hard to know where to begin. It's an exciting wait after your shoot for me to present you with the link to the gallery of images from the session, but I wanted to share my top tips with you when the images arrive!

Firstly, I highly recommend viewing the images on a large screen, a computer or tablet - or even your TV if it's capable. The images were designed to be viewed on a large scale and appreciated, although they can be seen perfectly well on a phone screen, they will undoubtedly look different, compared to being viewed on a bigger screen. The smaller image won't show off the detail within the image, and the images will really come to life when viewed on a substantial screen.

Sit back and enjoy looking at your images, free from distraction - don't rush looking through them the first time. View them at full screen within the gallery and allow yourself to scroll through the complete selection a couple of times.

There's no rush when it comes to choosing the images from your shoot. Once you've spent a while looking through your gallery, take a break and come back to view them again in a few days time. Sit down with a pen and paper and open the images another time, this time jotting down the images that you love. Feel free to share the gallery with your family and friends to find out what their favourite images are too, but don't forget that these photographs are special to you, so make the decisions based on your favourites, not anyone elses. At any point, if you have any questions, or you'd like my input on the images I love most from your session, just shout!

If you'd like your gallery ordered in a different way, to make it easier for you, please let me know! Some people like to have all the black and white images grouped together, where as others prefer for the black and white images to slot in with the chronological sequence of the shoot.

An easy way to look at the images is to have three options - "must have" "love" and "can live without." Don't worry how many times you look back through your gallery. Don't worry how long it takes. An image that may not initially jumped out at you, might become a firm favourite after several views.

My next post will talk all about how to choose the images from your shoot.

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