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Choosing your images...

Once you've chosen your favourite images, it's time to start thinking about how you'd like to display them! Think about the space you have available, and not just the wall space. I offer some lovely products that will look perfect on shelves, cabinets and on desks. Have a look at your interior to see what fits - whether you have a modern or more rustic/traditional feel to your home, there are so many ways you can display your images.

Selecting the images from your shoot is such a personal decision. Everyone will have their favourite images from the shoot, for some it will be a gorgeous moment captured between them and their horse, for others it might be a candid shot of their horse pulling their "trademark" expression.

Digital Images

If you've decided that you have far more images than you can possibly display in your home (the number of times I've had clients tell me that their husband will leave home if they put up any more horse pictures!) there are some options available: my print box offer that includes a USB stick of all your images, a USB of digital files, or one of the beautiful lay-flat albums?

Perhaps you're not quite ready to be displaying the images from your shoot, for any number of reasons, digital files are a lovely keepsake to take from your session. I have a number of different options available when it comes to purchasing the digital images. The majority of my clients use one, or several social media platforms and can't wait to share the images from their shoot with friends and family, as their profile picture or on their timeline. The social media package of photographs are a lower-res format, perfect for using online.

The full resolution option will allow you to come back time after time to print your images, or use them as part of a project you're working on. I've seen clients have their photographs made in to calendars, have them printed on to chopping boards or display them on a digital frame.


For me, nothing beats holding a photograph in your hand, or gazing up at an image on the wall. Having a picture to physically hold and treasure is something few and far between in this day and age. I'm sure most of you reading this have thousands and thousands of images on your phone or computer, it's so easy to take a photograph, instantly. But how many of these photographs do you have printed to admire and appreciate? During your shoot I'll capture the story, the partnership and bond between you and your horse and create images that are worthy of being shown off pride of place on your wall, rather than being hidden at the back of a drawer on a memory stick, or on a hard drive never to be delved in to again.

There are so many ways to display your prints - the prints available to you from your gallery come mounted as standard. Allowing you to choose the frame that best matches your interior. Whether you choose to find frames to match existing ones in your home; large wooden frames to complete the cosy , elegant mono-tone colours to or pretty pastel colours.

Displaying prints can be such a creative process! Don't forget it's not just wall space reserved for prints, shelves, fireplaces, desks and cabinets are also a great place to show off your photographs: the three mounted print size options I have listed on my site are the perfect size for displaying framed prints from your shoot. Collage options, on the wall, or up the staircase also suit the smaller print options perfectly. If you're looking to create a statement piece for your home, chat to me about the large scale prints that I can offer.


When it comes to canvases, I definitely think that they should be reserved for your favourite image from the shoot. A large scale canvas gives enormous impact and creates a focal point in a room. Take the time to measure the space you have available, whether it be above your bed, across the back of the sofa, or in your lounge. The canvas should ideally fill the wall space, I can offer custom sizes to ensure this happens!

When it comes to creating amazing wall art, there are plenty of other options available to you, just ask if you'd like any details: acrylics, box frames and floating prints.

Lay-Flat Albums

A great way to have a physical memory of your shoot. Perhaps you loved all the images from your shoot and couldn't quite narrow down your favourite selection? Or maybe, like many, you had your "must have" images printed as large, statement pieces for your home, but couldn't bare to leave the other images behind? The lay-flat albums will feature all, or your most loved images from your shoot. Each one is individually designed, and bespoke-made - I'll send proofs throughout the design process to ensure you absolutely love the finished product. Many of my clients love to gift photo books to parents and grandparents too!

Add on a USB of your images so that you have them in digital format to enjoy too!

Beautiful Extras

I put together some gorgeous little extra products too! They're all items I've loved having at home, or using myself, so I know you will love them too! On my bed I have three of my most-loved photographs of Dolly printed on to a cushion to bury myself in - they're incredibly soft and an absolute must have item in any home! I've also used them as laptop trays and taken them on long car journeys.

I've had one of the durable-plastic cases on my phone for the last couple of years, and I only have had to replace them when I get a new contract! There's models to fit most phones and they allow full access to all the ports and buttons, and best of all, it's personalised with a portrait image of your handsome horse!

The acrylic blocks are a stylish, modern way to exhibit images - they're frame free and capture the surrounding light so beautifully. They also make great gifts for family members, or presents from friends who have recently had a shoot. My Mum has a collection of her favourite photographs of our family pride of place on the fireplace.

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