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Why Book A Photoshoot THIS Year?

So it’s a brand new year, for many a new chapter! Why should 2018 of all years, be THE year to have a photoshoot with your horse? All of the reasons below are very valid, how many apply to you?

1) Something to look forward to! The long months of winter can sometimes drag you down. Are you fed up already with the mud and longing for those lovely long summer days? Did you know that I am already taking bookings for summer 2018? Give yourself something to look forward to.. perhaps it may help with this:

2) Something to aim for! Perhaps you have a personal goal for yourself.. are you planning to be fitter and healthier this year? The New Year always begins with resolutions to loose weight, eat healthier - but be honest, who can really say that they will keep it up? Maybe you are getting your braces off in the next few weeks and can’t wait to show off your new smile? Show of the new you and have a date to aim for!

3) Perhaps you have an aim for your horse? Have you always dreamt of galloping down a beach or exploring the countryside? Are you working on keeping your horse trim and fit this year? Perhaps you’re aiming to work at a new discipline? Well this could be the perfect excuse to work on something to ensure you can! Photoshoots on a beach or a lovely open bridle way look stunning!

4) Something to look back on. Perhaps a slightly sombre way to look at things, but you don’t know what’s around the corner: I’ve met a few people this year who wished they’d got some better photographs of their pets before they either had to give them up for personal reasons, they outgrew their much loved pony, or they tragically lost them without warning. A photoshoot captures those special secrets you share between only you and your horse, c’mon who else would you wake up at 5am to go and see bare faced, hair messy, in your pyjamas on a cold winter’s morning? Treasure each moment because life is short, don’t miss out on recording those memories to look back on when the time comes. In the day and age of phones with cameras and social media, high quality, professional photographs are more important than ever before.

5) A new chapter. 2018 is the start of a 365 day book, opening up new chapters along with the New Year. Perhaps you have a new four legged friend in your life? Have you moved to a new yard, or are even moving away from your pals at a current yard?

6) Photoshoots are enjoyable! What other occasion can you think of where you get to turn up in your favourite shoes and dress and spend quality time with your pony? We will make you feel at ease if being in front of the camera is daunting for you! Getting prepared for a photoshoot... What will you wear? A new outfit perhaps, which can only mean one thing – Shopping! Give yourself a reason to pamper your pony (and yourself), polish your tack and show off why you love them so much!

7) Redecorating? Perhaps you’ve moved away to Uni, or to a new house? Make your new house feel like a home with beautiful works of art on your wall. Whilst you’re away at University you will undoubtedly miss your horse, a large canvas on your bedroom wall will sure take the edge off, I can print life size canvases! Are you redecorating your current house... what’s missing? Photographs make great features on any wall. They can be the focal point of a room and horsey people love nothing more than, yep, photos of their horse! Not only will you treasure these photographs forever, they are a great talking point for visitors and family – you’re sure to smile every time you see them!

8) Have you reached a milestone or are planning for a special occasion? Photoshoot gift vouchers make the perfect gift for any birthday, anniversary or even wedding present! Gift vouchers can be tailor made to produce the perfect package for you or for a friend. The perfect, timeless gift for any horse lover, the experience will last for more than just a day because you will have the images up on your mantle forever. If you’d like to add a photoshoot to your wish list, please get in touch! (Remember… I don’t just photograph horses!)

9) Excuse to go shopping – Well... now I’ve just given you the perfect reason to go ahead and treat yourself!

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