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June's Monthly Round-Up

So, everything kind of got a bit chaotic, as it does every summer. All of a sudden it creeps up on you and there's no time to keep on top of everything.. so here, better late than never is June's round up!

Here goes! So June began with an early morning shoot with Sarah and Badger. Sarah's daughter who also rides Badger, had organised the shoot as a Christmas present earlier on in the year, she also joined us on the shoot.

For several reasons, June was a bit of a disaster, but looking past that, I had some wonderful shoots! As well as photographing my portrait clients, I also had the pleasure of working with Tail End Jewellery once again, with two lovely shoots with Hayley and Becky.

Hannah had kindly purchased a gift voucher for her mum, Sam, so off I headed to Oxfordshire to meet Sam and her beautiful mare, Maddie. Sam has owned Maddie for 10 years now and she's her absolute pride and joy! Maddie wasn't too sure about having her photographs taken and really got us working hard to get her ears forward!

A jam packed week was to follow, with some of the hottest days of the year added in just for good measure! Alice and Darcy were so wonderful to photograph. Based at Cullinghood Equestrian, we were spoilt for choice with so many idyllic backdrops. Alice and Darcy were complete starts and so natural in front of the camera. Sadly, Darcy is due to be sold, so Jo organised the shoot for her daughter, Alice, to capture their special bond and relationship.

Alex's shoot was on a blistering hot Saturday afternoon - I had such a laugh, chatting away to her during the shoot. Her two grey geldings and pony Turbo were my subjects for the day. I really enjoyed my afternoon spent with Alex and her ponies; Alex was a pleasure to work with and the boys were beautifully behaved - I think they were probably a little sleepy in the heat too!

The following weekend I was up bright and early to head over to Witchurch to catch up with Jo and her herd of horses. Sailor was the star of the shoot - he's grown up so much since my first shoot with Jo, over 2 years ago. Jo was looking to have some new images to update her website, Herdleader, photographs both ridden and inhand.

I then dashed home to change my memory cards, pick up my rucksack and head off to Farley Hall Horse Trials. Organiser, Natalie had comissioned me to photograph across the weekends competition, capturing the action for their social media and promotion as well as photographs for the sponsors and supoprters across the weekend. It was so lovely to be back out eventing, catching up with my favourite fence judges and bumping in to several portrait clients along the way!

A well deserved "quiet" week was then earned, allowing me to catch up on editing and lots of other tasks. Before the month was over, I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and her handsome coloured lad, Harvey.

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