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Alice and Darcy

Meet Alice and her super handsome Welsh Section B - Darcy! Jo, Alice's Mum had organised the shoot because sadly, Darcy has become very outgrown and will be looking for his next little boy or girl to make very happy!

Darcy is 10 years old and is a little dressage superstar! But to Alice, he's much more than that - he's a best friend! It was so clear to see not only the love that Alice has for him, but also the love that Darcy returns. Jo says that he can't keep away from her - when she's in the field poo picking he'll always be following her around like a little puppy dog! Before I arrived, Alice had taken Darcy on a walk through the woods, in hand, they were jumping the logs together - which Darcy showed us again later on: Alice had positioned Darcy behind a log for her to sit on for a shot, Darcy then promptly jumped over and looked very pleased with himself!

The whole shoot was a pleasure, there were lots of giggles from Alice as she cuddled and kissed her beautiful bay pony. His dapples looked so lovely in the sun! When I arrived, Alice was just putting the finishing touches to both her outfit and adding hoof oil to Darcy's hooves.

"He is the most loveable adorable willing best friend ever"

Wearing blue jeans and a light shirt, we headed down across the road from the yard to a beautiful avenue of trees. The dappled sunlight fell across the floor - Alice and Darcy were my perfect models! Jo was getting Darcy's attention with various items from my bag - I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to work with everyone, Alice listened carefully to my instructions and Darcy was just so lovely and patient.

It's very evident in the photos how much Alice adores Darcy, who she often calls "Bubba." I'm pretty sure Alice's favourite part of the shoot was each time I told her she could cuddle and kiss him!

After a quick outfit change in to a floral summer dress , we crossed back over the road on to the yard. There was a pretty brick wall along the drive way as well as a hedge row full of beautiful purple flowers. Alice hopped on Darcy bareback for some shots too!

Alice chatted away, mentioning her holiday to Florida coming up in the summer holidays and excitedly mentioned it's only 4 weeks until they break up! We took Darcy in to his field and Alice laid in the grass kissing and cuddling his face whilst he grazed - Darcy wasn't phased by much at all and loved the attention.

The shoot finished up with some black background shots in the stable - doesn't he look SO handsome!

It'll be very sad for everyone when Darcy goes off to his new home - his relationship with Alice is very special. She's lucky enough to have a very beautiful palamino to transition on too next, a schoolmaster that will hopefully help progress her riding and love for dressage further!

Thank you thank you Jo and Alice - it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all!

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