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Gracie, Olive, Trevor and the puppies!

Meet Esther and her lovely pack of dogs! There's Trevor the black springer spaniel, Olive the liver coloured and Gracie, the Mum of 5 adorable puppies!

All working dogs, they posed beautifully in front of the lake adjoining Esther's garden. The dogs were so well mannered and sat or moved depending on the hand signal or whistle command. It's clear that Esther takes great pride in her dogs, they were so friendly and I even ended up staying for much longer than planned, just to have cuddles!

Gracie has a beautiful litter of 5 puppies - 4 boys and 1 bitch. They were so well marked and have a great line of working breeding. From day one she's insured they've encountered many new experiences, sights, smells and handled correctly to give them the best chance at life. With 3 going off to be pets, 2 will continue the line of working dogs.

The dogs all retireved the dummy thrown over the small brow on the hill in the garden. It was amazing to see the such obedient dogs watching Esther for every command. The dogs only retireved when their names were called and they moved left or right depending on which signal they were given!

The theme of the original names for the puppies were based on trees, but with it only a couple of weeks until they travel to their forever homes, they've started getting used to their new names! The first little puppy to be photographed was a little unsure - he looked very tired after a morning playing with his favourite squeaky toy and other litter mates!

With a small area penned off in the garden, we were provided with much entertainment from the puppies bounding over to greet us both. We finally sussed a plan of action to get some cute pictures of them sitting. Of course photographing something so small, young and excitable was a challenge, but who could resist those faces! Each dog was already developing their own personality and I'm sure they will have great homes lined up - one of the boys is even heading over to America to start his new life!

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