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Emma - Theo and Phoebe

Meet Emma and the two beautiful horses she gets to ride, Phoebe and Theo. They're stabled at a beautiful yard near Newbury, where I met them all last Monday morning. The clouds were looking a bit threatening but the odd spot of rain didn't put us off! The horses were plaited and ready upon my arrival, both sporting their lovely rugs from Bustle About.

Emma showed me around the yard - the beautiful coutryard of boxes with their white doors overlooked what used to be an old polo pitch. Now, covered in yellow rapseed crop it led you down a picture perfect avenue of trees, ending up at a raised brick bed of flowers in a vast array of colours. Well, we definately wouldn't be short of locations or backdrops!

We began the shoot with both of the horses together for some shots along the driveway - Emma's daughter Casey-Jane came along to help out on the shoot, I love the images of both of them together! She said when she first got Phoebe last September she could he hard to handle on the ground but now she will carefully follow Katie-Jane around the yard and she credits hard work and EquiFeast supplements for making her more manageable!

Emma has known Theo since the day he was born - she competes both her horses in dressage and loves being in their company. After we'd photographed both the horses together, we popped Phoebe back in her stable. Theo was a little unsure about the whole process but we took our time trying to keep him as relaxed as possible. He soon settled once we got closer to the other horses in the paddocks and got some lovely shots of him!

Phoebe was more than happy to pose for us, looking this way and that with her ears pricked nicely forwards!

Thank you so much for having me Emma and I can't wait to share your images with you later!

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