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Roger - Canine Shoot

Meet Roger, a spritely 11 year old springer spaniel! I met Angela, Peter and Roger in a small copse just outside of Caversham. I had been warned that Roger might be a bit reluctant to stand still but we managed to get plenty of shots!

It was a sunny spring morning and the bluebells were in full bloom. We explored the small wooded area finding logs and benches for them to sit on. Their daughter had organised the shoot as a Christmas gift.

Roger is almost completely deaf so we did have a lot of fun trying to get him looking where we wanted, but we got some lovely shots, especially when he was sitting up in the bluebells. It was great to chat away to Angela and Peter and I realised I'd photographed their daughter in law, Kayleigh and her horse Monty before!

The shoot finished up with Roger enjoying a run around the park chasing his ball. He came to life and definately did not act his age once a tennis ball was involved!

Thank you so much for having me, it was a pleasure to meet you all!

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