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Mother Bee's Wonderful Leather Balm!

If you're anything like me, you have your favourite pair of shoes and wear them almost everywhere? Well, I hope I'm not the only one! I love love, love my Ariat Conniston boots. I wear them absolutely everywhere, on a daily basis to the yard, on shoots, to walk the dogs, to the shops or a comfortable boot to wear out for the day. With that in mind, they've really started to wear. I recently compared mine to a friends pair of Conniston's, which she's had much longer than mine and I was really shocked at how tatty they were looking.

They really are my favourite pair of boots, they're super comfortable, breathable and sturdy so I want to make them last as long as possible! Cheryl from Mother Bee sent me some beeswax leather balm to try. Made in an old cottage on Co Tyrone in Ireland, the balm feeds and conditions the leather - bringing it back to life.

I much prefer using natural products where I can. Leather is an animal product after all and I don't imagine treating it with various man-made, harsh chemicals is overly good for the longevity of leather. After seeing how re-juvinated my boots looked, everyone at the yard grabbed their sponges and cloths and began buffing up all the leather in sight: boots, saddles and even belts! With a blend of natural oils added to the beeswax the leather will look replenished and glowing!

The leather looked so much softer after just one use and I was suprise how little was used per application, even on something relatively large, such as a boot. My boots looked super shiny soft to the touch. They look much less tired and I'm sure after several more applications and a good clean, they'll almost look as good as new!

If you want to try this brilliant, all natural product yourself, head over to the Mother Bee website to order some today:

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