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Meet Clare - the founder of RiderCise

Last year I was commissioned by Clare to photograph her two beautiful mares: Annick and Rana. The photos were to be used on Clare's website to promote her business, RiderCise®:

RiderCise® Online - 'Accessible, Affordable, Achievable', Horse Rider Conditioning Programs delivered through Mobile App technology and Online Coaching to enhance Riding Equilibrium and Rider Performance.

RiderCise® understands that life is busy and money can be restricted - horses are time consuming and expensive!

However, horse riding is also a partnership and we believe that it is essential that Riders are conditioned to enable them to fully enjoy riding without feeling out of breathe, tired, aching and of course, reducing the risk of injury.

Horses are being’s with their own minds, if a rider is conditioned, should your horse suddenly react, spook, change direction or have a strop, you are better positioned to deal with the situation through improved strength, balance, agility and coordination.

A range of Horse Rider Conditioning Programmes are available to suit various needs, goals and budgets. Once purchased from your programme will be delivered to the RiderCise® Mobile App for you to access and complete. This means anytime, anywhere – no excuses!

From the RiderCise® Mobile App, you will:

  • See your scheduled workouts for each day

  • See videos/animations of the exercises in your program to ensure correct technique and form on either your smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV (connected via device)

  • Print your workouts if needed, from the Online Portal

  • Record body measurements to track progress of body composition

  • Log food and monitor diet macros for performance, weight loss or weight gain (only available on ‘Bespoke' or ‘Athlete’ programmes)

  • Be monitored by your ‘Check-in’s’ and progress updates by your Online Coach and support and motivation will be provided as and when you require(only available on ‘Bespoke' or ‘Athlete’ programmes)

Horse riding, in any discipline and at any level is a partnership, we look after our horses with such diligence but often forget to look at the other 50% of the partnership.

Whether you are a leisure rider or an elite competitor, how you function affects your horse and visa versa.

In order to not only progress in your chosen discipline but to thoroughly enjoy it and reduce risk of injury it is essential that you are functionally conditioned.

For example, if you are a jumper and struggle to maintain balance mid-air, this has a huge effect on your horses ability to perform and to do so safely. The un-stability mid-air can cause a horse to land awkwardly, adding additional strain to particular ligaments and tendons. Not to mention the risk of a fall, or pulling/strain muscles yourself to re-balance.

Rana and Annick are absolutely beautiful, Friesian's are so striking and they both have a wonderful presence about them. It was a very warm morning, Jo, Clare’s freelance groom had been up to plait the girls and get them ready for the shoot. Clare is a Personal Trainer, Functional Coach and Soft Tissue Therapist with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry and 20 years with horses.

Clare says: In 2009 I became quite ill and following surgery, I decided that I wanted to buy my very own black beauty that I had always dreamed about as a small girl! I researched into black horses and came across the Friesian, I had actually never heard of the breed before. I found a picture of Rana on a website in Holland and immediately knew she was the horse I wanted. After about 1 week she had been paid for and arrived in the UK. At 14 months old, there was many ups and probably even more downs!

Rana challenged me beyond means but at no point did she ever stop giving, willing or forgiving me for my errors. Four years later and she was everything I could ever want in a horse, no breed I had ever had compared to her and the bond that we have. So, obviously, I had to buy another!

Annick came to me 2012 and It was a far from perfect beginning! But together we have made it through all the challenges that have been thrown at us and she, they both, mean everything to me.

My girls are my world. Their temperaments, personalities, gentleness, kindness, willingness and all that they give me is why I love Friesians.

The girls provided us with lots of entertainment throughout the shoot, however one thing that was blindingly obvious was the relationship between Clare and her horses. The mare's faces lit up the minute Clare walked on to the yard, they just wanted to please her and be in her company, a feeling which was evidently mutual. Annick and Rana were both very good at giving kisses, but putting their ears forward towards the camera was something they struggled with. I'm sure we provided much entertainment for those on the yard watching us: throwing surface, treats, buckets, cloths and items of clothing we'd taken off as the day got warmer.

"Being a Coach is more than 'giving' a class, it is taking the journey with you...."

Clare sponsors Jessica Gale, a young international dressage rider, Jess joined us during the shoot. Clare also sponsors: Sally Toye, a successful Endurance Rider who is tackling the Mongolian Derby!, Tamara Hudleston who’s goal is to go from ‘Amateur to Athlete’ and compete successfully in Dressage and Gemma Sant who wants to compete in Endurance. Together we aim to bring awareness to the need and importance for riders to be conditioned and show them the benefits that come with it.

I had a hard time telling the girls apart, I'll admit, but Clare said even with matching rugs on, she can tell them apart in the field, a mile off!

Horse riding, in any discipline and at any level is a partnership, we look after our horses with such diligence but often forget to look at the other 50% of the partnership.

Whether you are a leisure rider or an elite competitor, how you function affects your horse and visa versa.

RiderCise® Online Conditioning Programmes are available to purchase online and Conditioning Clinics are being held for those who prefer to work in groups.

“If a rider is disadvantaged by their riding fitness, movement pattern function, flexibility, strength and co-ordination and/or Muscular-Skeletal health/symmetry it can affect the way the horse is able to perform and may even cause many of the issues we heavily invest in correcting."

Horse Riding is a 50 / 50 Partnership

Clare found me through a Google search for a "Berkshire equine photographer" so it's great to know I'm doing something right, getting my website out and about!

With taster and conditioning sessions running throughout Berkshire, head over to the RiderCise Facebook page for more information:

Rose is so relaxed and patient, it puts you and your horses at total ease! I totally loved the whole experience and can't wait for the next one! the girls totally loved all the attention too! Highly professional and personable - a rare combination. - Clare

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